• Exercise 2 - Cast the void

    Par Jorge Christie, 26/09/16

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    img: Rachel Whiteread, Untitled (stairs) 2001.

    Assignment 2: Casting the void

    In order to portray the public character of the place we are studying, we will cast the void, the space contained by the architecture. But we will cast only the relevant strata that shows more clearly the relation between the void (the space) and the container (the architecture). All groups should cast 3 to 4 relevant stratas of the strip of the terrain assigned, being mandatory to cast the ground floor. When the void is in contact with the architecture, it should be casted in detail.
    Also, each group should propose a height where to “locate” the bridge in order to activate potential relations with the existing strata. The bridge should be casted as a void in the plaster.

    - Draw the measured facades using Monge projections at 1:66.
    - At 1:132, cast the negative space that has been measured. Use sticks as poles to separate and keeping the different stratas suspended in the air.
    - Insert the plaster into the scenario model in its corresponding location.
    - In Monge projection, draw the plaster.
    Individually, use the Monge projection of your plaster to construct 4 perspectives two from the inside and two from the outside.(1.4). - Blog your work: required elements tagged as “formes”; additional process elements tagged as “processus”; and a concept text of no more than 50 words.
    In one paragraph, reflect on the question of contrast and density (1.7). Blog Debate October 31st


    - Bridge sections. Download them from this links:



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