• PLANES - week 2

    Par Medic Marina, 26/12/16
    development of the two planes

    Based on what I did last week, I have now to think about two planes and their intersection. So I decided, through the painting Zeltzimmer in dem Schloss, to concentrate on the difference of height, of atmosphere and this idea of inclined plane (suggested by the the roof of the Zeltzimmer).

    Regarding the atmosphere difference, I wanted to clearly define the wood part to the plaster part and try not to mix them. Concerning the plaster side, I wanted to highlight the plaster's characteristics : cold, straight, heavy, ... On the contrary, I wanted for the wood part something more textile, opened, warm and light. Finally and concerning the difference of height, it's already given by the inclined plane.

     PLANES_JC_medicmarina_101              PLANES_JC_medicmarina_103

    PLANES_JC_medicmarina_102             PLANES_JC_medicmarina_104


    Par Di Munno Lydia Anjali, Lombardi Alexandre Tristan Bénédict, Rampazzi Lia Giovanna Laura, Tiezzi Alessandro, 22/11/16

  • P2 - E2: PROJECT

    Par Jaton Doriand Andrzej, Leyland Catherine Elsie Jacqueline, Medic Marina, 21/11/16


    model 1

    This model is the idea we decided to work on. The issues related to this model are; the curve doesn't fit with the human scale (laying person) and is too uncomfortable. The second issue is the amount of wood that we use is too important.


    model 2

    We reduced the width and did something way less based on a ''circle'' that is why clear angles have now appeared. The issues: The angles are too brutal and it doesn't express the idea of ''curve'' anymore. The roof doesn't create a link between the window and the bed. 


    model 3- final model

    This model is a clear mix of the two anterior models. We managed to use less woods, the curve fits with the human scale and it looks more curvy. We decided to do a progressive gap between the boards in order to create a strong link between the window and the bed. 



    place Bel-Air, 1003 Lausanne

    interesting facts about the place :

    1. nice paronamic view all over the Flon 

    2. isolated

    3. quiet and peaceful because there's nobody at the end of this place

    goal : reactivate activity on the place by adding an infrastructure which fits with the qualities of the place. That's why we decided to build a bed-window

    ELEMENTS_JC_medicmarina-leylandcatherine-jatondoriand_104            ELEMENTS_JC_medicmarina-leylandcatherine-jatondoriand_105

  • P2 : Object proposal I

    Par Karameta Lundrim, Ramseyer Roman, Weber Corentin Raphael Nathan, Zbinden Arnaud Loick, 17/11/16



    ELEMENTS_JC_karametalundrim-zbindenarnaud-webercorentin-ramseyerroman_201         Image Fri Nov 18 2016 22:49:26 GMT+0100 (CET)

    The site                                                                        our place is the second one on the map


    -People stay on the long side of wood block

    -Nobody use the space on the block

    -When people sit on the long side they turn back each others


    - Use the space on the block that is not used

    - Gather people around a table 

    - Make a convivial place with table and an intimate one with a high bed

                                                                                      First object proposal


    Our first idea was to make flat thing that when we up it, it make a bed under the tree and when the object is down it makes a table to invite people to face each other on the wood block to use the unused space


                                            The wood stick mockup from the "table-bed"

    Observations pictures

               Image Fri Nov 18 2016 23:33:34 GMT+0100 (CET)

    Mesuring the different height from the staircase to define the size of our object.

                                                                                                     Image Fri Nov 18 2016 23:33:34 GMT+0100 (CET)

        Image Fri Nov 18 2016 23:32:42 GMT+0100 (CET)

         Second mockup (bed-bar-table)


    Par Michel Kyra Lea, Ogbonna Gabriel Ihechimnemerem, Terrien Romane, 13/11/16


        A Technical resolution of construction nodes

            B Design

                C Urbanism: analysis of site and movement

        ELEMENTS_JC_kyraleamichel-ogbonnagabriel-terrienromane_114  ELEMENTS_JC_kyraleamichel-ogbonnagabriel-terrienromane_113   

                                                                            A Nodes (Romane Terrien)


                                                            Illustration of views liberated (Kyra Lea Michel)


    Once the spectator has arrived to Element #3 Péripeties, he is standing on the ground level and can see Element #4 through window A. Element #4 is higher since it is standing on one of the existing benches. As the spectator gets closer, he has to step onto the existing bench: window B becomes “transparent” only from a certain standing point (see Fig. 2), and the view from a higher standing point is activated. The spectator feels a certain freedom from this height, a sense of relief, he can take a moment to enjoy the view after having experienced the first elements of the narrative. He is then required to move again to be able to see through window C: this last window frames Element #5 Situation finale, the arrival. Window C also carries a sill. This sill is extended, it gives the windows the potentiality of a prolonged stay. One can put down whatever he or she is holding in their hands, gather around the sill, and make a real use of the spaces created by the windows.

    The window, as an element, creates an interior and an exterior while framing what is visible and what is not.
    This element explores both of these properties while showing an abstracted expression of the window: without the frames, the windows are floating, and create the walls they pierce by defining notions of “in front” (as one stands “in front of” the window) and separating the space.

    The multiplication of the window points out the existence of multiple views, visions, and ways of seeing and interacting with the place. The user is engaged to move from one position to another to see and understand what is behind each window.

    The other aspect we are exploiting is the deepness of the window as a frame: the window sill is usually adapted to human use. One can lean on it while looking out of the window, it expresses the outreach of human presence behind a window. By deposing flower pots or other decoration on it, the person living behind the window signals his/her presence. It is here stretched, taking in a positon going beyond the frame of the window.


                                                                                      B Design: 1


                                                                                   B Design: 2 


                                              Axonometry (Object Proposal I and details of main nodes) (Romane Terrien)


                            C Urbanism (how to get on and off the existing architecture - alone and in two) (Kyra Lea Michel)


                                                 B Design: Monge projection of Object Proposal I (Gabriel Ogbonna)