PLANES - Perspective

Par Eléonore Bleeker, Sonia Ferreiro Gomez, 25/11/16

                                                                            Play of perspective

We directed our project in close relation with the most important feature of this painting: its perspective. The perspective creates a perfect symmetry on the picture and the viewer's attention is attracted by the point of view, located in the middle of the frame. This process invites the viewer to play with this room. Focusing our observation on the point of view, we invented another room, created by the frame. The two windows allow the viewer to observe the outside world from within. We thus adapted our “second room” in order for the viewer to still be able to see the outside, even with this “second room”. We decided to add two rows of windows lined up on the ones seen on the painting. The viewer is therefore able to see through the three rows of windows without noticing this hidden room. This trick is only possible thanks to the perfect symmetrical perspective of this painting.



Mould for the cast


Monge of the cast




Sitting Room by Johann Erdmann Hummel, circa 1820