Week 4 - Reversed spaces

Par Rickli Quentin, 16/10/17

    How did François Dagognet bring up in his texts, measure aims the universal? Actually, in architecture as well as in many other domains, measuring is associated with precision and accuracy. However, we can't leave out the personal character which measuring can take when the measurer gets involved in his process. The distance between an object and its image is not insignificant as far as an extern player gets involved. The question which stems from this thought is how can we extract ourselves from the very concrete of the field, in order to express not only the existing place but also a new developed concept.

    In our project we were quickly attracted by the introverted nature of a small street due to its situation slightly at the bottom of the main road. We related the marginalization of this street to our first speech about the room we let for nature in our life and the no sense of the paradoxical door which, whatsoever, found itself out of context. Then we decided to fully use the potential of molding in negative to turn the emptiness of the marginalized street into a strong volume. During this first exercise of measure we totally understood that could extract information from the real while being inspired by the location (materials, textures, forms, volumes, feelings, situations…) in order to express a concept, this idea of dissociating the street from the rest of the model.                                  


                                   Even the light can't return the sens to the marginalized place as it is refusing its entry.    



                                             Process of the final version from the third model including the superposition of the                                                                                            Bruxelle's roof.


                                             Using the full potential of a negative model, we wanted to turn the maginalized street into a                                                                               strong volume.

                                        The nature stays behind the strong volume, being its own shade and whose function is                                                    mainly to take part of the background.



                                          Superposition of Bruxelle's and Malley's roof to show the opposition on the orientation of                                                  both buildings.