Par Louis Viandier, Mehdi Wermuth, Nikita Giaccari, Serayu Gujja, 14/11/17

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    Le Miroir Faux, 1928 - Magritte


    Par Nikita Giaccari, Serayu Gujja, 23/10/17


    Our projet is meant to emphasize the presence of folds in our site which is relatively plane. 

    After a few tests, we decided to minimize the thickness of the plaster to 5mm which is already really delicate/fragile. 

    The folds are built with the different levels of the place and the slope of the street created in our model. They mark the formal effect but staying in the continuity in the motion and in the form. Try to imagine the loose folds of a drapery. 

    The facade built from the the artefact of Brussels causes to appear important in the way it suddenly folds the street into its verticality such as an abruption in the relatively plane built area. It acts definitely to stop the continuity in motion created by the folds of the model.

    The little building is built as the main detail of the model on the opposite of the facade creating a space in between. 

    To build the model we decided to use a coordinate system to mark the reference points of the folds.