• Synthesis - ELEMENTS

    Par Estelle Delavy, Laureen Hu, Lorenzo Palacio, Luana Pimenta, 20/11/17

    We chose the triangle in the middle of the street because, just like a roundabout, there are movements from every direction, which give the impression of a restless place. The idea behind our Element (window-bed-door) was to create an isolated and peaceful place. In contrast to the agitated life of Malley, we created a home, which has an entrance from below and makes us discover a new perception of the space around us. Thanks to the walls enclosing our Element, the chaotic life outside is out of sight, leaving us with only their sounds and a view of the sky, creating our desired place to rest and set in motion our imagination.

  • Modification d'un espace social

    Par Löic Grétillat, Maylis Salihu, Stanislaw Bezençon, Violetta Bayramova, 15/11/17


    En intervenant sur ces marches afin de les rendre plus conviviales et confortables nous avons décidé de les prolonger perpendiculairement.

    En modifiant cet espace, nous avons donc crée un élément de rencontre où les gens peuvent maintenant s'allonger, s'asseoir ou manger dans lit.

    Le fait de pouvoir modifier notre super-élément en ayant deux positions différentes, suggère ainsi deux espaces.

    Le premier, une petite table de nuit qui aurait du coup un impact plus privé du lit et qui inviterais une personne seul à s'allonger.

    La deuxième position avec la table rallongée nous suggère un espace plus convivial qui serais propice à des rencontres ou un espace plus social.

  • ELEMENTS - Synthesis : "Back to human dimensions"

    Par Deborah Zanolo, Isabelle Miodonski, Luana Ferrari, Noemie Tschabold, 12/11/17

    The element on the site creates various contrasts. The spatiality of the site is huge and undefined, whereas our element closes the space and therefore brings us back to the human dimensions. The contrast is emphasised by the zenithal window which confronts us to the height of the bridge and the frontal window (185cm), closed by the pillar. We brought this contrast again on the structure itself, with the different joints and the different woods.

  • lines - synthèse

    Par Allan Lambelet, Aurelien Duchier, Luca Truscello, Roberto Rossi, 11/11/17

        The “lines” we conceived aiming to modify the spatial characteristics of the area between the bridge’s column and the embankment on our site, combine the double function: window-door. We wanted to transform the long, infinite corridor into a well defined space creating thus another closed space limited by the edge of the embankment.The super-element we imagined, built and assembled according to our concept's main idea, adds to the space a light and exclusively made-out-of-wood structure.

  • Asymmetry And Angles

    Par Maylis Salihu, Stanislaw Bezençon, 05/11/17

    The specification of our site is all about our building face and the asymmetry of angles. The motor-shop is not parallel to the road and the bus stop. In fact it creat a more direct vue from the road to the showcase of the motorcycle shop.

    This building is geared to have a more direct contact with pedestrians and motorists coming from Lausanne we can related this to a huge advertising sign.

    The architect draws this facade so that it is better perceived from the road but also to create an exhibition space where motorcycles are placed now.