Par Hugo Cabaret, Audrey Wurges, Charles Darrousez, Elisa Nadas, Ella Bacchetta, Eric Gozzi, Gabrielle Chilinski, Hugo Lavorel, Jérôme Margueron, Léo Ornstein, Malak Abdelhady, Philippe Jenny, Stephen Bopeso, Victor Duchastel De Montrouge, 17/05/19

The last week before going in Evian, which is the fifth week for the House phase, we all worked on doing the prefabrication. We started by going couple times at the cutting site, we used the measures of our drawings and of our Rhino files.

We then made some templates to assemble our frames with a right angle and with the correct distance. 

We then all screwed our frames. All our frames are built in a way that every horizontals sits on the horizontals of the proto, and that it won't be too heavy to lift it up.

               houses_tc_cabarethugo_106          houses_tc_cabarethugo_107

Making the template and having with fun with Leo                     houses_tc_cabarethugo_108    (placing our frames in the template with Charles and Philippe)