Windy walls

Par Hugo Cabaret, Audrey Wurges, Charles Darrousez, Elisa Nadas, Ella Bacchetta, Eric Gozzi, Gabrielle Chilinski, Hugo Lavorel, Jérôme Margueron, Léo Ornstein, Malak Abdelhady, Philippe Jenny, Stephen Bopeso, Victor Duchastel De Montrouge, 18/05/19

While we were doing the prefabrication of our frames, we needed to send the final Rhino file to the engineer in order to have his agreement to build our project. We did a skype with him to see the load descent in the proto.

At first, when he used our system of bracing and kept our wall at height meters high, we had 1800 kilograms at the left foot of the protostructure.

The engineer, Stephan and Teresa helped us to change something, like the bracing or the walls, in order to reduce the weight that went down to the foot. 

At the end of the Skype, we made a strong decision but we all agreed that it would be even better than before. The solution was to low down our walls. Given that we had already made every frames, we chose to take away one series of frames for every walls, which means that every walls was 1.66 meters lower. This choice allows us to have not so much bracings, and allows us to keep the energy of the project, which is the space that are created inside those vertical walls. What's even nicer is that the horizon with the Marechal's screen showed up again, and the link with their project is stronger than before.

Here is the scheme of the load descent that the engineer sent us when our walls were shorter.

We still have 650 kilos that goes down to the left foot of the proto, but we are going to dig 50x50x50 holes to put the proto inside and then put concrete.