SCAFFOLDING, a study of the non-existant

Par Zeltner Loïc, 04/02/20

As determined previously, the protostructure doesn't have to be percieved through any of our five senses. It is an absolute, a tool that manifests itself only where needed. In this work, the protostructure appears to the senses of men as an elongated shape that has been cut in the middle. This accident, conjugated with the creative brain always connecting shapes and ideas, incentivise the idea of a single shape, whose continuity has been disturbed. But to the eyes of many, this disruption only occurs in this area, while it actually happens everywere the protostructure is not.

We tend to forget to question the most obvious things. The plane is a postulate and as such, needs to be reconsidered. So what is a plane? A plane is a set of every possible locations in a two dimensional space. When we have a representation of a plane on a piece of paper, we tend to loose ourself to the convenience of the paper. On this paper, we can see everything the plane has to show, given that our paper is of infinite size. The problem here is that we forget that a camera in a two dimensional space would only see lines, while a camera in the three dimensional world would get a top-down view of the dwo dimensional world. It is as difficult to imagine a two dimensional plane as it is to imagine a four dimensional shape. The plane on the piece of paper is but a shadow of the real plane, whitch is inaccessible to the senses. A more accurate representation of this plane shouldn't be on a piece of paper, but on a sheet of glass, as it would be seen from every side with for only obstacle the materiality of the glass itself.

The shape I proposed is a plane, represented on a sheet of paper. I folded the paper to give it a shape and to remind that this paper is in fact in the three dimensional world. To make clear that the represented plane in two dimensions is a totaly different concept than the sheet of paper, I made it so that when your mind try to unfold the sheet to recreate the "paper plane", you are forced to be confronted to an impass: the paper cannot be unfold, it would lie on top of itself, an abberation in two dimensions. We are a three dimensional species evolving in a three dimensional world, an yet we are talking about planes like we know everything about it. We associate the plane to the piece of paper way too easily.

The plane, like a barriere, accentuate the idea of a division of the protostructure. This is a lie: a subject of discord for two worlds: what is sensible and what is not: the plane and the plane, the protostructure and the void, the shape and the universal.

The non-existant is what makes a comic: the story only happens in the white bands between the still images. There is always another movie behind the camera. The frame is not a condition for the story of the painting. Courtyard side and garden side are behind the curtains.

Architecture exists only thanks to its environment. The protostructure is a frame in whitch the structure evolves. There is so much more to architecture than what is seen. It is the invisible that is the most beautiful.